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For taking your time to study remain blessed.

TEXT: Joshua 9: 3-16
Key Verse: “For we walk by faith and not by sight”
A story was told of an incidence that happened somewhere in America. The story looks beautiful and relevant to the subject matter. Some years ago there was a Nigerian in America that was dealing with Cocaine. The machines and gadgets of the security operatives detected that the man was carrying Cocaine. They would search thoroughly but were unable to discover it. All investigations failed, so they were perplexed yet they could not arrest him because they lacked evidence. So they were confused. What do we do now? A woman came up among them, an agent with the Special Secret Service and said, I will handle that matter. How are you going to handle it? Just watch me. She drew closer to this man and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The matter went beyond that, they married and became husband and wife. Be careful brother, your …
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For taking your time to study remain blessed.

TEXT: JOHN 4:10-24
Key verse: “Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy” 1 Peter 1:16

The Lord is raising a group of people in the world for holiness, to revive holiness in the churches and has chosen Pastor Paul Rika to lead it. In today’s text, Jesus in a discussion with the woman of Samaria made her to know that the Samaritans worship what they know not. She lived with men that were not her husband. Today many go to church, do many things in the church like this woman, and they don’t know what they are worshipping. They worship God without salvation. Jesus wants people to worship with the knowledge of this God. Many within the church are yet to understand this God let alone those in other religions who also think they are worshipping God. Some dance and perform many services without knowing whom they are serving. You have zeal but without knowledge of God’s kingdom and salvation. Jes…
For taking your time to study remain blessed.

TEXT: 2 Corinthians 9: 8 – 11
Key verse: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him” Job 13: 15
Trust God for your health, the health of your life, of your body, trust Him. About those threatening sicknesses, put your trust in God. Just believe God. Trust God for your bread and water, what you will eat every day, trust it upon God. Trust God for your clothing and shelter. Trust God for your relationships, even the relationship with God, give it into the hand of God. Your relationship with God, the Christian life, the Christian journey, the Christian service, everything about relationship with God, leave it in the hands of God in total trust. Your relationship with man, trust God for it. The way you relate with men, your superiors and subordinates, totally trust the living God for your relationships, all relationships. Trust God for your p…
For taking your time to study remain blessed.

TEXT: 2 Kings 6: 24-33
Key verse: “And it came to pass after this, that Benhadad king of Syria gathered all his host, and went up, and besieged Samaria.” 2 Kings 6: 24

See this situation and understand it in the spiritual sense. Here physically, Benhadad the king of Syria wanted to destroy Samaria, to capture Samaria. Because he was stronger and had more army, he brought his army and surrounded the wall of the city and they were waiting for anyone that would come out or for the gate to just open, they would enter into the city. And when the children of Israel knew this, they shut that gate and no man went out and no man went in. And this went on for long and since they could not go out to other places to buy food, all their food finished. Everything got finished for them to the extent that even the excreta of dove was sold. Can you understand the situation? It went to a point that they …
For taking your time to study remain blessed.
THE PREACHER AS A DILIGENT SERVANT OF CHRIST SATURDAY JANUARY 13 TEXT: TITUS 1:5-9 Key Verse: “If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shall be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto hast attained” 1Timothy 4:6. As Christ's servant, the preacher is called and commissioned by Christ, hence, his loyalty is to Christ and not to man, a denomination or a board. As God's servant, he must hear the word of God, receive the word from God and know the mind of Christ for himself and for the people. Hearing from God is not just by dreams, vision, inward impression, audible voice. It involves studying and knowing the written word of God in the holy bible. Apart from knowing and receiving the word from God, the preacher needs to be endued with power by the Holy Spirit for utterance, signs and wonders to authenticate the gospel. The preacher must learn th…